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At Lelia’s Natural Care Line (LNC) we believe that together we can help protect the environment, and our health, by living and supporting an all-natural and organic lifestyle.

Meet Lelia

Lelia Broughton is an author of a book titled, “How to Experience Victory in your Storm”, a full-time parenting coach in social work, and a full-time mother of three.  Yet, she continues to add to her repertoire. Being an entrepreneur at heart, Lelia is the founder of Lelia’s Natural Care Line (LNC). LNC is an all-natural product line that heals and soothes the body.


LNC is based in Pittsburgh, PA with the mission to create and provide healthy, effective skincare through products that are designed to improve the skin and enhance health, as well as improve the overall lifestyles of our clients by example and education. Admittedly acknowledging her purpose in evangelism, she provides a unique approach that exudes with compassion and sincerity through her writing and natural products.  


Lelia is a sincere friend who instantly and effortlessly connects with all whom she encounters with her raw yet refreshing personality.  She is a counselor, a friend, her life story, and faith in God is the driving force behind her success. Life has not come easily for Lelia, yet she manages to persevere, not settling to live life as nothing less than a victor. Find out her self- proclaimed secret in her book, “How to Experience Victory in your Storm”. 


Lelia’s love for encouraging people coupled with her life mission to empower through the word of God is displayed in her writing and through the quality and integrity, she puts in her products. 

Homemade Natural Soap

Our Commitment

Our team is committed to sourcing only the best of the best with every product we sell. We manufacture all-natural products. We are committed to helping provide consumers with chemical-free alternatives to consumer products they use daily. Products featured in our online store are all chemical-free, toxin-free, pure, and natural products that we stand behind and entrust even with our own personal health and well-being. We are proud to say that at LNC, we only sell 100% all-natural products, products that are organically sourced, and certified chemical-free.

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